Some of the best web and mobile app designs have a very limited colour range. Two or three colours can be more than enough, and now we are going to adopt a restrained approach to colour works especially well on de-cluttered interfaces. 

The use of colour in design is a bit like great music, where balance, contrast, restraint and dissonance all come into play. We picked out monochrome and hypercolour as two of my lots of web design trends for comming years, but perhaps trichromatic design is where it's really at?  

For trichromatic design it is often the case that there is a 'main' colour, an 'active' colour, and a 'highlight' colour. A limited palette goes further when you reverse out the colours in certain areas (menus, or buttons, for example).

We wanted to highlight some examples of mobile interfaces that primarily focus on two or three colours, along with plenty of white (or otherwise neutral) space, and a lack of unnecessary clutter. In other words: minimal design. Less is more.